ANSOL RB-10 SOLVENT is a very fast-acting solvent. Its low boiling point helps it to dry very quickly and makes it ideally suitable for use in vapor Degreasing systems. It is a very versatile solvent and finds immense applications wherever cleaning/ degreasing is required to be done.

It does not damage the green masking Ink on the PCB. It is ideally suited for the removal of rosin-based fluxes from PCBs after Soldering.


  • 1. Cleaning of Delicate components e.g. Relay Contacts, Switches, etc.
  • 2. Vapor degreasing of components.
  • 3. Cleaning of PCB’s after soldering


  • 1. Very fast cleaning action.
  • 2. Dries very quickly.
  • 3. Leaves no residues or contaminants.

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