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IPA is the recommended thinner for several ansol fluxes. It can be also used as a solvent, leaner, degreaser or different industrial applications wherever appropriate.


For thinner application, Alpha IPA is used to restore the flux to its proper, specific gravity or acid number.
The solvent system is an important factor in determining the effectiveness of soldering fluxes. On exposure to air, alcohol solvents contained in most fluxes begin to evaporate, thus changing the physical properties of the original material. Evaporation loss may adversely affect the surface tension, wetting power and overall quality of the material. To restore the soldering flux to its original consistency and maintain maximum product efficiency, only the recommended compatible thinning material should be used.

Physical Properties Typical Values
Appearance Clear, Colorless Liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25 C 0.783
Flash Point (Tag Closed Cup) 53 F (13 C)
Shelf Life (from Mfg. Date) 1080 Days