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Lead Free Solder Wire

Sn95.5/Ag4.0/Cu0.5 217-218 37 Used in electronic , electrical and components
Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5 217-219 37  Eutectic alloy . Suitable forall types of pcbs .Excelellent soldering results in wave soldering and good SMTprocess
Sn99/Ag0.3/Cu0.7 225-227 25  Most common solder alloy suitable for soldering of multilayer , PTH and single sided pcbs. Used in wave, dip and HAL soldering applications
Sn99.2/Cu0.6/Ag0.1 217-228 32  Low silver contents
Sn99/Cu0.6/Bi0.4 219-225 32  Low cost proprietary lead free alloy
Sn99.3/Cu0.7 227 28  General purpose lead free alloy for soldering of electrical / electronics components and pcbs
Sn99.0/Cu1.0 227 32  Best suitable for electricals and metal components
Sn95/Sb5 236-243 35.2  Special alloy for automobile industry
Sn80/Zn20 200 44  For aluminium soldering applications .
Sn/Zn/bi 4.0 190-197   Low melting alloy for aluminium soldering
Sn 99.9 / Ag 0.1 227   Replenishment SnSn99.2/Cu0.6/Ag0.1 to stabilize copper in solder bath

Lead Free Solder Wire- Sn99.3Cu0.7

Brand Ansol
Composition Sn99.3Cu0.7
Type of flux RMA
Melting Point 227-260℃
Application Used in electronic and electrical components